New Product: Smart Pen

What is it?

Xtreme Smart Pen is the first device ever to capture natural handwriting from any surface, and store it for future use. Based on a revolutionary electronic pen that uses ordinary ink refill and writes on any paper, the Smart Pen stores handwritten notes, memos or drawings for easy upload to any computer at your convenience. Additionally, if the Smart Pen is connected to a computer, handwritten text and drawings are displayed directly on the computer screen.

You can use the Smart Pen anywhere without a computer. The device stores everything you write in its internal memory. When you are back at home/office - simply upload it to your computer. The internal flash memory can store up to 50 pages (size A4). The Smart Pen is powered by 2 small batteries and has a unique small LCD screen to confirm input.

Smart Pen Features:

  • The only digital pen that has internal memory and uses ordinary ink and paper- you can compose and edit notes ANYWHERE- later upload them to your computer and save them in digital form.
  • Full editing capabilities allow easy modifications - you can highlight, annotate, add additional information, adjust ink color, ink width, and page color.
  • Create Sticky Notes on your desktop - keep reminders, to-do lists, and phone numbers close at hand.
  • Set reminders on specific notes - with the special reminder function that pops up notes at specified dates and times.
  • Export notes in JPEG format - share notes easily.

Who can use it?

  1. tudents
  2. Professors
  3. Architects
  4. Land surveyors/appraisers
  5. Field engineers
  6. Tourists/trekkers
  7. Sales men
  8. Business men
  9. People who reside in foreign countries

Smart Pen is the first device that captures natural handwriting from any surface onto its internal memory, for use on any computer at any time. Based on a revolutionary electronic pen, PC Notes Taker displays captured handwritten notes, memos or drawings, stores them for future use, and displays them on any computer.

Smart Pen is ideal for situations in which handwriting input is essential, such as in the health care, educational and financial sectors. Supplied with user-friendly software, Smart Pen is compatible with PCs and notebooks and supports Microsoft Office tools.